Evolving productivity to satisefy the needs

We, Hirooka Tekko's strength is our integrated production ability for entire "MONOZUKURI" to design, develop, build prototypes and production line for serial products.
In the future, we will continue contribution to society through manufacturing reliable and safety products as the professionals of "MONOZUKURI". ※"MONOZUKURI" means manufacturing by skilled craftman.

“Proposal to customers” is our corporate motto.

廣岡 要一

With the dawn of new era, the time is in a rapidly changing social environment.
In the field of “MONOZUKURI”, technorogy innovation is litarally ever‒progressing.
In our company, globalization of the age is accutate, and we are making every effort to offer better products in a shorter time of minimum cost to meet customer.
“Proposal to customer”, this is our corporate motto.

廣岡 要一

Company Profile

Saitama Kuki Headquarters And Main Plant
346‒0028, 5 Kawarai, Kuki city, saitama Prefecture (Kuki‒Shoubu industrial estate)
Gunma Ota Plant
373‒0022, 1240 Higashikanai, Ota city, Gunma Prefecture
Goto Machinery Co., LTD.
372‒0022, 597-6 Hinodecho, Isesaki city, Gunma Prefecture
88/8 Moo 8 Suwintawong Rd., T.Wangtakeian, A.Muang, Chachoengsao 24000
TEL.+66 (0) 38 847 301
FAX.+66 (0) 38 847 303
March 1946
30 Million yen
Number of Employees
153(Group total 277)
Kuki plant (Head office):lands 15,131㎡, buildings 7,198㎡
Ota plant:lands 8,261㎡, buildings 3,889㎡
Goto Machinery Co., LTD.:lands 19,887㎡, buildings 8,497㎡
Thiland plant:lands 13,316㎡, buildings 4,261㎡
Business Contents
1.Sheet metal processing by machine press, welding, mochining, coating, assembly for automobile, construction tool, train brake,
health eqipment etc.
2.Design, manufacture and sale of metal mold.
Main Customers
UD Trucks Co., Ltd. / Isuzu Motors Ltd. / Komatsu Seisakusho Co., Ltd.
Japan Finance Corporation / Shoko Chukin Bank / Resona Bank / Mizuho Bank
Towa Bank / Mitsubishi Tokyo UFJ Bank


1946 HIROOKA TEKKOJO Co., Ltd was established with capital of 100,00yen.
Machine tools assembly and repair business started.
1952 Sheet metal processing by machine press for car fender etc. started.
1962 started business with Nissan Diesel Motor (Now, UD Trucks) Co., Ltd.
1963 Incased capital to 2,500,000yen to reorganize Hirooka Tekkojo Co., Ltd.
1964 Started business with Yasukawa Electric Corporation.
1965 Started business with Akebono Brake Industry Co., Ltd.
1975 Relocated to Kuki‒Shoubu industrial estate. (current location)
Renamed to Hirooka Tekko Co., Ltd.
1981 Started business with Komatsu Zenoah Co., Ltd.
1983 Built Kiyoku Plant in Kiyoku industrial estate. KIyoku plant began operations.
1990 Started business with Sakai Heavy Industries (Now, Tokyo Fuji), Ltd.
1991 Awarded "Blue‒chip company" (quality award) from Nissan Diesel Motor Co., Ltd.
1992 Started business with Combi Corporation.
2001 Started business with The Nippon Signal Co., Ltd.
2004 Started business with Sohshin Co., Ltd.
2005 Started business with Maeda Seisakusho Co., Ltd.
2006 Started business with Isuzu Motors Ltd.
2010 Started business with Kato Seisakusho Co., Ltd.
Started operation of Ota plant.
2011 Started the operation of Thailand plant.
Started the operation of CED planting line.
2015 Expansion of Thailand plant.(2nd plant)
2017 Certified as a designated company as SAI NO KUNI PLANT.
2022 Goto Machinery Co., LTD. is added to the group.


Truck Parts

Truck Parts

To support safer and more comfortable truck transportation, we poroduce bumper, cab suspension link and engine support etc.

construction tool parts

Construction Tool Parts

We produce small power shovel arms (boom) and hands (buckets)base carrier that can be seen in street.

Train Parts

Train Parts

We produce brake parts which support safe railway transport.

Health Equipment Parts

Health Equipment Parts

We produce the frame of exercise bikes that helped in health care.


Our strong point is that we have the ability to manage poductions consistently


Three dimensional CAD simulates and inspets problems and functionalities in advance. And then we start to build prototypes according as the analytic data shows.

Designing Jigs by using CAD system.
The improvement of CAD simulation tecnology enabled manufacturing improvements and cost cutting.

2Building Production line
(Metal mold, Equipment)

The integrated control by digitalized data enaabled manufacturing improvements, and achieved high speed, highly accurate processing.

Three dimensional solid model die design dramatically increases productivity.
With 5 faces machining center, high precision processing can be completed in a short time.

3Serial Production
(Press, Welding, Cut)

To manufacture products of complex form, work of several processes is required. At Hirooka Tekko, we manufacture products of fine quality, increasing productivity, through sccurate smooth work by using press and welding technology which can meet various uses.

Stamping line processing for sheet metal of medium thickness.
We assemble products accurately and smoothly by using robotic arc welding machine and spot welding machine.

4Coating, Finishing

Integrated line for cleaning, zinc coating treatment, coating and baking dry up system. Less loss in paint, even complex shape products can be painted in a uniform thickness, and excellent corrosion resistance.

CED coating
Integrated line for Washing, Zinc coating, CED coating, Baking and drying etc.


Products finished by production line are inspected in detail to be checked if they are up to the standard. three Dimensional Measuring Instrument is portable type, therefore, products with complex shape, length. angle and hole can be measured precisely.

Maintenance to inspection equipment is an important process to maintain accuracy.
We conduct careful examination from both digital and analog.
We manufacture the good quality productions and respond to the
needs of times by using the latest Press Technology.

Facility list

Saitama Kuki Headquarters And Main Plant

Laser Cutting Machine
2D Laser Cutting Machine 1
Stocker 2
Press Machine
600ton Press Machine 1
500ton Press Machine 6
350ton Press Machine 1
200ton Press Machine 3
150ton Servo Press Machine 1
150ton Press Machine 5
110ton Press Machine 3
100ton Press Machine 3
80ton Press Machine 1
60ton Press Machine 1
Coil Straightening Machine 1
20t (Hydraulic) 1
Bending Machine
200ton Bending Machine 1
60ton Bending Machine 2
Welding Machines
Arc Welding Robot 45
Handling & Assembling Robot 2
Welding Positioner 20
Spot Welder 6
Semi Automatic Welder 45
Vertical Machining Center 5
Surface Grinding Machine 4
Radial Drilling Machine 3
Vertical Milling Machine 3
Horizontal Boring Machine 1
Drilling Machine 9
Lathe 2
Wire Cut Electrical Discharge Machine 2
Gas Cutting Apparatus 1
Coating Line
CED Coating Line 1
Inspection Equipments
Rockwell Hardness Tester 1
Micro Vickers Hardness Meter 1
Amsler's Tensile Testing Machine 1
3D Measurement Arm 1
Heavy-duty Truck 1
Medium-duty Truck 2
Light-duty Truck 1
Automatic storage
Automatic storage 1

Gunma Ota Plant

Laser Cutting Machine
2D Laser Cutting Machine 1
Stocker 1
Plasma Cutting Machine 1
Press Machine
300t (Hydraulic) 1
15t (Hydraulic) 1
Bending Machine
200ton 1
60ton 1
Welding Machines
Arc Welding Robot 20
Welding Positioner 4
Semi Automatic Welder 23
NC Lathe 1
Vertical Machining Center 3
5Faces Machining Center 1
Shot Blasting Machine 2
Lathe 1
Vertical Milling Machine 1
Drilling Machine 6
Heavy-duty Truck 1
Medium-duty Truck 1
Light-duty Truck 1

Goto Machinery Co., LTD.

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Laser Cutting Machine
2D Laser Cutting Machine 1
Press Machine
500ton Press Machine 2
500ton Hydraulic Press Machine 1
200ton Press Machine 1
150ton Press Machine 1
110ton Press Machine 2
Coil Straightening Machine 1
Bending Machine
80ton Bending Machine 1
60ton Bending Machine 1
Welding Machines
Arc Welding Robot 6
Spot Welder 3
Semi Automatic Welder 3
Drilling Machine 1
Lathe 1
Surface Grinding Machine 1
Milling Machine 1



Hirooka Tekko recognizes global environment conservation as one of the important issues, and focus on education for all employees to understand environmental policy and raise awareness.
Therefore we are trying to prevent global environmental pollution.
We will raise the reliability with society and aim for business growth.
Further more, participate in volunteer activities and communication with local communities.